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The Target Group, Inc. is a leading business performance consulting, sales training, integrated marketing, web development and full-service brand management & advertising agency! We will provide you with:

  • Professional ideas
  • Strategies
  • Professional video services for web or television
  • Creative piece design
  • SEO/SEM (Search Engine & Market Optimization)

If you would like to attract more prospects, convert a greater amount into customers, and retain your clients for a much longer duration of time we can help!

Experience Breakthrough Results!

Rather than spending more money on advertising, how would you like to increase your business 15-100% or more by finding and optimizing the hidden marketing assets that already exist in your organization?

Are you looking to generate more buyers, larger orders, and more repeat business? Do you wish that your marketing was more effective by increasing your customer base and delivering greater profits?

How many sales opportunities have you overlooked? Do you know if your sales activities are the most effective possible? Do you know for certain that your efforts are yielding the greatest possible results, or are your competitors benefiting from the gaps and defects in your current sales and marketing systems? Do you wonder if your business is operating at its absolute best?

Rather than losses, how would you feel if you were able to turn those huge gaps into monster-sized profits?

How many sales are you losing because your marketing is not resonating?

Millions of dollars are wasted on brochures, sales letters, introductory letters, web videos, and advertisements because they do not properly express what you are marketing to your target audience. Those lost dollars increase as potential prospects, customers and clients continue to overlook your services because you do not have an effective business development strategy.

Your success or lack of success is based on your current systems you have in place good or bad! When time is invested to find and optimize underutilized assets that are already in your organization, incredible results can occur!

Stop Wasting Money

Before even considering wasting any more money on advertising, we can help you find the Hidden Marketing Assets that lie in your company and optimize your sales and marketing processes! Once your processes are optimized properly, our next objective would be to help you build effective marketing strategies that will "DIFFERENTIATE" your business from the rest and explode your business in the most effective tractable ways!

Our unconditional guarantee makes working together risk free for you. Any fees you pay our company to execute any of the marketing systems, the fee will be covered by the increases in revenue or net profit that the systems generate or we will keep working the system at NO COST until they do or until you are completely satisfied! The sooner you have a business consulting session to plan your business development with us, the sooner those profits will be coming in!

Grow Your Business

If you’re looking for ways to dramatically improve your overall business performance, conversion rate, and bottom line, you’re in the right place! In the absence of a quality marketing system firmly established, it will be impossible to do an effective job of attracting, converting, and retaining clients. You will continue to waste excessive amounts of time, money and resources chasing prospects with no interest or ability to buy, advertising that falls far short of the mark continuously, trade show efforts that don’t produce results, sales representatives that are lost and ineffective, and margins that are shrinking every day! This continuous loop of ineffectiveness will force great clients to leave, and others to reduce your company to a commodity where only the lowest price wins. Ultimately, the revolving door of employees and high costs to go along with that lack of productivity and replacing employees may become too much to handle. The question is….. Is it too late? and Why wait?

Nothing To Lose - Everything To Gain

Here is Our Unconditional Guarantee to You!
Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

The Target Group Inc. and our multi-pillar marketing system will find the hidden assets that lie in your business. We are the first and only Business Performance Optimization and Implementation Consulting Team that guarantees your results!

Our unconditional guarantee makes working together risk free for you. It goes like this: if our work doesn’t increase your profits we will work for FREE until it does or until you are satisfied. The sooner you have a business consulting session to plan your business development with us, the sooner those profits will be coming in!

Communication...your key to Success

Communicating with your customers in this digital age is only increasing in the scope of possibilities. We will help you find new ways to consistently get your message through to your target audience and find your marketing voice that everyone hears and responds to!

Our mission is simple: To make your business a success through effective integrated marketing strategies that work for you. Along with that mission comes the commitment to fresh ideas and new concepts for everything we do for you.

What do you have to lose our consultation is free and our solutions are 100% guaranteed!
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